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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our multilingual tourist website! By creating this website, we aimed at presenting the history and sights of 20 settlements along the river Tisza to our visitors in four languages - Serbian, English, German and Hungarian. With the help of the interactive map you can explore numerous monuments, sculptures and buildings, and learn important information about Csongrád, Ópusztaszer, Mindszent, Mártély, Hódmezővásárhely, Algyő, Szeged, Deszk, Tiszasziget, Röszke, Horgoš, Martonoš, Male Pijace, Kanjiža, Adorjan, Trešnjevac, Senta, Ada, Mol and Bečej. Apart from the general information on the citiesʼ history, you can also navigate through the different sights, placed on the map according to their coordinates. You will also find a short description of the history of each monument, building, sculpture or natural sight. We are constantly adding new data to our website and updating the current one, so that we can provide an extensive information to all visitors interested in the past and present of the Tisza region.

We hope that this website will encourage you to visit the places presented and see firsthand the beauty and rich history of our region!