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General information



90,9 km² 


10 547 

Population density


Twin towns

 District XI of Budapest, Makó, Nemesnádudvar, Budakalász, Akasztó, Inárcs and Bogyiszló (Hungary) Gyergyóalfalu (Joseni, Rumania) , Šabac (Serbia)

Amorial bearings


 The village exists in its present form since 1957. During the 12th-14th century many Hungarian settlements were founded in the area. The first mention of the village was found in a charter dating from 1198. In the 18th century Ada became part of the border rampart. In 1836, it was elevated to country town status, and received a coat of arms. In 1889, construction of the railway reached the settlement. In 1944, the Serbian partisans executed about 30 people.