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General information



19,7 km²



Population density


Twin towns

Adorjánháza and Balotaszállás (Hungary) 

Amorial bearings



Adorjan, mentioned in documents dating back to 1198, is one of the oldest settlements in Bačka. The town, which had many different names at the time, was destroyed and deserted after the battle of Mohács. After the Ottomans were driven away, Adorjan's wasteland became part of Kanjiža's border rampart. Around 1800 a new Serbian settlement was formed where the old Adorjan stood. In the 1850s the villagers grew primarily tobacco, peppers and grain crops. After the Treaty of Trianon, Adorjan became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. In 1941 Hungarian troops occupied the territory and killed two Serbians and one Jew. In 1944 the Yugoslavian partisans executed 56 Hungarians.