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General information



 59,35 km²



Population density

115 /km² 

Twin towns

 Muzslya (Muzla, Serbia), Hetyen (Heten, Ukraine), Csíkmindszent (Misentea, Rumania), Hartheim (Germany) és Buziásfürdő (Buziaş, Rumania)

Amorial bearings




The settlement was first mentioned in a 'tenth list' in 1332. Since 1423, it has a church. Mindszent was named after the church built in honour of All Saints. This name was first mentioned as 'Myndzenth' in a charter from 1561. Later, in documents dating from the 17th-18th centuries, the village was mentioned as 'Apor-Mindszent' (up until 1818). After the Ottoman occupation, Mindszent became property of the Chamber. In 1803, the widow of Marquis Károly Pallavicini, Leopoldina Zichy, bought the Mindszent-Algyő estate. She then donated it to her son, Eduárd Pallavicini. The settlement was raised to the rank of city on October 1, 1993.